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Tempesta plays 2 Bachs & Telemann

orchestral music by the father, the son, and the godfather


Johann Sebastian Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and Georg Philipp Telemann–father, son and godfather–stayed connected personally and musically all their lives. Hear J.S. Bach’s sumptuous Triple Concerto in A minor, a grand-scale work that typifies the father’s high baroque traditionalism. From the son who embraced modernity, we play C.P.E. Bach’s classical String Symphony in C. And by Telemann, C.P.E.’s godfather and mentor who kept pace with it all, we perform the baroque-style Concerto in G that J.S. later borrowed for one of his own pieces, and a breezy, classical Divertimento in B-flat that would make his former pupil smile.

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