February 2014

Gut-Strung Stravinksy

Stravinsky may not be spinning in his grave. Apollo came during a period of reevaluation. And baroque music was, in fact, on Stravinsky’s mind.

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Apollo Played Ithaca

Tempesta di Mare Apollo at Play - Ithaca bus

Twenty-four Tempestosi boarded the bus for Ithaca, NY to perform Apollo at Play on the Cornell Concert Series Thursday night.

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Why Stravinsky?

Tempesta di Mare’s March 8 program is a groundbreaking event for us as we make our debut at Broad Street’s cultural hub, The Kimmel Center, to present Apollo at Play, music for the theater from Lully to Stravinsky.

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Apollo on the Road

On February 23, 1653, Louis XIV stepped onto Paris’s largest stage, a tall figure in a glittering, jewel-encrusted costume. A headpiece with a golden sunburst flared around his handsome head. He was fifteen years old and already one of the most powerful men in Europe.

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