February/March 2017

Feature: Eternal Spring

You know Vivaldi’s Spring from The Four Seasons. Everybody knows Spring from The Four Seasons. Even if they don’t think they know Spring, they do. Everybody recognizes that wonderful, lilting opening theme.

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Tickets: Spring: Revival and Rediscovery

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The Philadelphia Baroque Orchestra marks its fifteenth anniversary season with a feast of rediscoveries and top favorites by Janitsch, Kusser, Fasch and Rameau, and for dessert, the iconic concerto of the baroque era—Spring from Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons—plus cake by Garces in the First Tier Lounge. Celebrate with us!

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Look Back: Fasch, Rameau, Kusser and Janitsch

We’re looking forward to celebrating Tempesta’s 15th Anniversary with Revival and Rediscovery, at the Kimmel Center’s Perelman Theater on March 11. Part of celebrating an anniversary is looking back at favorite memories along the way, so over the past few weeks, we’ve sent out a series of emails entitled, “Spring Forward, Look Back.” Each one featured a look at a composer or piece on the program, and how that ties into Tempesta’s history. In case you missed any of them, we’ve put them all together here:

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Program Notes: Spring: Revival and Rediscovery

Fasch, Concerto in D FWV L-D22

Medieval cartographers used to draw dragons and sea monsters into the as-yet unknown regions of their maps. It’s the origin of “here be dragons” (hic sunt dracones). Those are the places where we like to go treasure hunting.

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