Just in from England:
Bach: Six Trio Sonatas
in stores June 1 — or buy here today

Six Trio Sonatas TDMJohann Sebastian Bach:
Six Trio Sonatas, BWV 525-530
reimagined for chamber ensemble

A box just arrived at our doorstep from England. Inside, Tempesta’s newest CD recording project for Chandos, our 8th for the label in as many years. After three orchestral recordings, this one is an entirely new adventure: Bach’s six organ trio sonatas reimagining for chamber ensemble in our own original settings.

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The six organ trios, BWV 525–530, show Bach at his most imaginative—deep, wicked, jaunty and even hard-rocking—all within the three-movement sonata format. They are called “trios” because Bach arranged them in three voices for the organ’s two manuals plus pedals. Representing some of Bach’s very best instrumental writing, they are also among the most frequently transcribed and arranged of all of his works, starting with Bach himself. Bach composed at least 11 of the sonatas’ 18 movements as chamber music prior to transforming them into organ solos (their most commonly known rendition). These include a concerto, a cantata sinfonia, and traditional trio sonatas.

We’ve given each sonata an arrangement to suit its character, so you will experience these pieces in six different orchestrations, ranging from full ensemble to an intimate lute-and-harpsichord duet.

The worldwide release date is June 1. But you can get your pre-release copy from us today, or in the lobby at our June 7 concert, Elements, at the Kimmel Center. All the music is also available for download now from Chandos at The Classical Shop.

Click for a sneak peek at what’s on this CD:
samples from our new Chandos CD
recorded by the Tempesta di Mare Chamber Players, summer 2013